Funeral Arrangements

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Funeral Arrangements

Post by Bitterskin* »

No, not mine. I know that's what you're all thinking. Oh, he's being paranoid and excitable again.

I just got back from a double funeral. Managed to find some place to be alone and get my link to the extranet up. I've been to a couple of human funerals before, mostly to be polite. They're different depending on the cultural tradition, but they tend to be odd. You live and work on human worlds, you get used to it. It's not that different on Omega, and I guess I used to think it would be. Like, everyone here left corpses in the streets to be eaten by vorcha, that sort of thing. Obviously they don't.

The group I'm with at the moment, we lost two people. On top of one we lost some weeks back, but that was different. Lost two people to... well, a mugging, I guess, but really I imagine they picked a fight with the wrong people somehow, gave off the wrong menacing vibes and got menaced back or something. More bravado than sense, and all the worse because they didn't act out with it, you know?

Anyway, we found some human preacher willing to give some rites, I don't know if it was the right religion or if that even matters. One of them had an estranged sister, still local, showed up for the funeral. They asked me to say a few words, since I was with them in those last few weeks. I sort of stammered out something but I don't know if it was enough.

It's just not in our natures to be alone, is it? None of us, I mean, not even krogan. You'll wonder who will be there when the Wheel drags you under, and maybe it's just an estranged sibling and some guy who barely knew you mumbling something.
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Re: Funeral Arrangements

Post by Zer0_Seven »

I don't know if you were close to them, but regardless, my condolences.
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Re: Funeral Arrangements

Post by Skrat »

Give skrat bodies :twisted:
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Re: Funeral Arrangements

Post by Mekan of Omega »


Can't be helped.
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Re: Funeral Arrangements

Post by republic_dad »

My condolences as well. Funerals are never easy. They are a minefield of emotions just waiting for the right...or wrong word or gesture to unplug the grief and sorrow at unsuspecting people.

I wish that when I go, I can do it surrounded by family or friends, or leave a pre-recorded kickass hologram to the wake.
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Re: Funeral Arrangements

Post by Neila_Soree »

Bitterskin* wrote:You'll wonder who will be there when the Wheel drags you under, and maybe it's just an estranged sibling and some guy who barely knew you mumbling something.
At least it was someone that knew them. I watched a lot of strangers die around me while we moved around Lusia during the war. Most of them had some friends around. Others were those friends. When those friends went, who's there then? It's a cold situation. I've always had a nagging feeling that I'll go out surrounded strangers...

Part of being long-lived, I suppose. Well. I think I just talked myself into a somber mood.
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