Another One at the Gym (Omega, Open)

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Another One at the Gym (Omega, Open)

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Styia had learned early in her life that one of the better ways to curb her aggression without tearing off someone's head was to burn as much of it off as possible with continuous exercise. Which is why not long after arriving on Omega she had made several gyms one of her frequent haunts. In particular Kraak's Pump House because of its advantageous location. It was close to her home and also close to Fringe Benefits. So she could sneak in some exercise before work.

Which is what she was doing now. After warming up with a few stretches she decided to do some curls. Grabbing some good sized dumbbells she sat down a bench, got herself into position, and began to methodically lift the weights. Grunting slightly as she did.

She didn't expect to be bothered. Most people learned quickly to not interrupt her when she was working out. But anything could happen on Omega at any time.
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