Character introduction Seto'Yalas vas Junkball

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Character introduction Seto'Yalas vas Junkball

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First off, I ran this character on r/migrant fleet for a few years, then on r/Mass effect nomad. I've tried to make him well rounded and developed. I'd like to chat with mods about his friend, Nito, an ancestor vi of a programmer that worked on Geth, who escaped Rannoch in a robot vacuum in the morning war. Hid out on a liveship pretending to be a normal cleaning bot. Eventually got found by Seto, who cloned his hard drive to look for security codes. Nito will walk around in a cobbled together mech built out of Loki and get parts. Nito's existence was kept secret from the fleet and most people when AI was illegal.

I need to check with mods about importing Seto's backstory too.
Seto was born on the Tesleya,
There was a mutiny/coop, the movement wanted to take the ship to a planet and start a colony. Before they tried to take the ship. They sent the children to a sympathetic Turian on Illium to keep them away from harm, with intent to collect them after. The coop failed, the Turian took the money and never showed up to take in the children. 6 Quarian children were left to fend for themselves on Illium, Seto, his cousin, Call and 4 others who's names I have written down somewhere but don't really matter to the story except to provide survivor guilt to Seto and Cala. Seto and Cala eventually made it back to the fleet a few years later. At first welcomed back, then the truth was discovered and Cala/Seto we're put on trial as part of the mutiny, Fleet Admirals trying to be tough on disloyalty. Cala and Seto we're assigned cleaning duties on separate ships until time for their pilgrimages.

I might introduce Cala later.

Seto took Nito and went to Korlus where he built his ship out various ship parts, first thing he did was cobble together a basic mech for Nito to run on so he could help. He turned a large wrecked ship I to a little shipyard, using the elevator system to run cranes and lifts to help assemble the ship. He let Nito do most of the welds because robots are better at getting consistent welds.

He flies the ship around, running cargo, some legit, some not.

I'm new here, so I would like to chat with mods and make sure this is all cool.
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