[NEW INTRO] Patriot News, bring the truth and all it entails

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[NEW INTRO] Patriot News, bring the truth and all it entails

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[Intro by user: William] Hello fine people of this board, do not worry, the Patriot News VI is here to help spread the good word of the truth, justice, survivalism, and righteousness to God’s will. We are an accredited news organization based within our wonderful studio here in good ole Elysium, the trade capital of the Attican Traverse.

If you wish to know about our wonderful anchor, me, let me welcome you to William, tech expert, survival extraordinaire, and all around amazing man. I run this station from my home in Elysium, and broadcast to all quarters of the galaxy, even the Citadel.

Now you might ask, what does your show offer above every other show? Well, mine offers not just the truth, but survival, and other traits necessary to fight in this galaxy. Shows are live every Tuesday, 16pm Elysian Time.

[Comment by user: Patriot_News] While he may be full of himself and possess a bit of an ego, our extranet site can be found here, alongside an archive of previous episodes and a host of other information you may wish to know including evidence and our sponsors.
Host of Patriot Radio Show, contact here
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